To Pinterest or not to Pinterest that seems to be the question floating around today. We live in a visual world and here is a very visual tool to help with your own personal vision. So, I say use it, I’m using it and so are the people who work with me. Why? Because it’s a great organizational tool for imagery we all love. Being a visual person that is very helpful. Plus following a few people I get to see what inspires them and sometimes that also inspires me.
In the dark ages ( before internet ) I used to tear pictures out of magazines and keep them in files stuffed in my desk for the dark days when I was feeling un-inspired. With the discovery of the internet I would still tear pictures out magazines but I would also bookmark websites I thought worthy ( I had a lot of bookmarks ). Today I use Pinterest for all those needs, it has become our go to place for inspiration, and visual information. We have clients beginning to use it to show us what imagery and or styles they like. Pinterest is all the images you could want, kept in one convenient place that can be accessed by anyone, anytime and categorized like you want. Can it get better than that? I’m sure it can, seem that I am amazed by technology everyday, but for now use Pinterest is a very cool tool.