Working on location always has it challenges even when I’m in my own backyard. Here is a little about when I was shooting on the beach recently for Motor Creative and UCI.


Photograph 3 senior surfer women on the beach early morning. UCI Alzheimers ad.


You would think 3 seniors on the beach in the morning would be no big deal, especially because it was on my local beaches, wrong.

I have worked on the beach many times in all kinds of weather but never before have I ever had so much push back from the beach system.

I found a  bunch of spots that would work really nice but none of the beaches wanted to issue a permit till late October, “It’s too busy” they said.

“But it’s early morning and it’s only for a couple of hours” I said, “and it’s for UCI in Irvine.”

“Sorry, policy is no permits during summer months.”



There had to be a way to get what I needed done. I needed a few hours in the morning on the beach with models and done before it got busy.

I called in Film This to help with production and permits. They were great and work wonders getting everything I needed quickly.


The plan was to meet at the beach early ( before the crowds ) and shoot as long as needed ( before the crowds ). Shoot in various positions and with different boards.


Got to the beach early and for the first day in weeks it was all fogged in, HA really? I pushed forward getting everyone dressed and propped,  shot a few test shots and the sun made it’s miraculous entrance for about 30 min. I shot like crazy while the sun lasted.



A very fun morning on the beach, a great shot and happy clients.


Thanks to great models and a fantastic crew.

UCI outtake1 copy