THE JOB – Go to Yellowknife, Canada and photograph Ice Road Truck Alex Debogorski with a tractor trailer on the ice or at least make it appear he’s there.

CHALLENGES – Getting to Canada’s most northern city just below Arctic Circle.

– Snowing with below zero degree weather

– Finding a location big and flat enough for tractor trailer combo

– Only 4 hours of usable sun light at the Arctic Circle – Acquire newish tractor trailer to use in shot. – Location fees and permits.

SOLUTIONS – Three planes, a mad dash in Calgary airport and a pickup truck ride in a snow storm. – 400 miles of frozen tundra, 4 frozen lakes, location – the Sand Pit.

– No tractor trailers for rent, saw one we liked and borrowed it.

– Expedition long underwear, pullover, ski jacket, hat, gloves, wool socks, and heavy duty boots.

– The Arctic Circle doesn’t make for long days but it does give great lighting. – No location fees or permits required on the frozen tundra.

UNEXPECTED – Everyone in Yellowknife was super helpful, even the police, who let us off a speeding ticket.

– Canadian Customs – they don’t really want Americans working in Canada

– American Customs – not happy when you re-enter the county without custom forms documenting camera equipment.

THE PLAN – Since it was still snowing and no relief in site we decided to shoot Alex, truck, and location separate and build extreme weather scene in post.

WHAT HAPPENED – Right as we got the truck to The Sand Pit the storm clouds cleared and the sun began to shine, giving us the opportunity to get it all in one shot. The sun shine lasted for two glorious hours before the snow returned. RESULTS – An amazingly productive day with ecstatic clients and an extremely cool photograph that plugged right into the layout with minimal post production work.