Growing up who didn’t love Hot Wheels? I know they were a favorite with me and my brothers. We collected them, traded with our friends and raced for pink slips. I remember the day we got the track that had the loop, we tested every car we had to see which made it and which crashed. I don’t think it mattered, we just loved those cars and orange track.

I still think the cars are cool and it makes me happy to race cars with my kids and my nephews.

My love for the little cars is what inspired this picture. I wondered how could I make the small toy look like a big sexy car? I toyed with may ideas, most had lots and lots of photoshop, but I wanted something better, more real, I wanted the car to look like it was really there on a location. I wanted everyone to say “Wait what?”

So…. I decide to use as little photoshop as possible, I wanted everything in one shot, so it really felt like the car was on location, like a car shoot from the 90’s, no photoshop, no CG.

I tried a few different ideas but landed on a old school method I hadn’t used in years.

For the background I rear protected the sunset at the car thru a screen with an old Kodak slide projector. The sunset slide was from a surf trip that I thought was lost. The wide angle of the picture was perfect.

I wanted the car on a shallow lake bed and after some experimentation, water, plastic, etc. I ended up using a piece of glass to give me a sharp clear reflection.

The hardest part was picking a car.

I think the result speaks for itself.