A make up artist friend of mine Stephani Reuter, decided she wanted to really kickstart her make up brand https://heroesbeauty.com with a new look, new photography and an updated shopping website.

She had gotten some interest from the women on Dallas Housewives and wanted to be up and running by the time the new season started. That gave us six weeks to design, shoot and build the brand new site.

I enlisted help from a web developer friend looking for suggestions and to handle the technical details. We wanted a site that when finished we could maintain and would be easy to manage.

Shopify was the best choice for us with it’s shopping cart ease and really nice templates.

I started designing site look and shooting product, lots of products. We wanted everything pretty and clean.

Stephani made some calls and scheduled a shoot with some great models to be the new fresh faces on Heroes website. See the site. https://heroesbeauty.com

Building the new site with Shopify was amazingly easy and seamless. Pictures loaded fast and the interface was simple. I’d highly recommend it if your looking for a shopping website.

We cranked out the work and burned the midnight oil making our Dallas Housewives air date. Things have been steadily growing since. The new Shopify site works great.

I have learned more about makeup than I ever thought possible. I did discover the Heroes brand is very high quality product and everyone who uses it really likes it a lot. I personally haven’t started using it but I normally don’t wear makeup. Normally .

Here are some of the pictures, check out the site to see how it all turned out. https://heroesbeauty.com

Order yourself some great products.