Over the last few years advertising needs for companies have changed, mainly in the amount of content they need for all the social media outlets. With the need for daily postings clients need 365 pictures and or videos a year. That is an immense amount content and can be very expensive with separate video and still shoots. How do you get that much content and still be budget aware?  Try shooting stills and video at the same time.

Shooting stills and video at the same time can be really challenging but with the right team you can get great production value while creating continuity in your advertising along with lots of content.

I have been working with a great team at http://meritandrew.com creating content for clients like AAA, Bosch and Heath Net.

I have also been working with the very talented group at https://www.hawthornedirect.com on Leaf Filter.

Give me a call and let’s see how I can help you get your content.