Recently I went to Boston for a medical company photoshoot. What I thought was going to be mostly product shots and portraits turned into a makeshift operating room scene also. I was glad we had packed some extra stuff.

Ever wonder how to make a operating room out of a conference room? Everything is perception, have a room add some equipment a doctor, a nurse and a patient, there you have it an operating room. I wonder why the clients never want to add the blood. This particular shot didn’t need a background just the people working with the equipment.

FYI the patient was our gear bags piled up with some shoes attached. ( no need for a real person, they were covered with an operating cloth )

Nice try to our Boston client who attempted talking us into singing at Karaoke night, you do not want to hear me try and sing. We went and had fun but no singing.

We scheduled a late flight and spend the day seeing the sights.

Boston is a great city to visit, lots of historic places to see and we always find good places to eat.

All in all a really good trip, looking forward to going back.